Filip Anthonissen

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Filip Anthonissen (°1991) is a visual artist and motion designer from Belgium.
He studied Digital Design and Media at Howest (graduated in 2012) & Animationfilm at KASK Ghent (graduated in 2017)

Young Colors, lille3000, Institut pour la Photographie, Lille FR (video-projection)2021

Nieuwe Ruimtes, Orange Art House, Brussels BE (videos)2020

Zero Years - media-art @ Zomerfabriek, Antwerp BE (video)2020

Nightingale Prophecy 2X20, Antwerp BE (video-projection)2019

Biennial of Belgium, Ghent BE (vr-video)2019

Arts Festival TIG7, Ghent BE (video-installation)2019

Expo Wanneer is dan? tekenkabinet KASK, Ghent BE (video-installation)2019

Expo Vacation Spot, Gouvernement, Ghent BE (videos + objects)2019

Happening Bar Camaraderie, Ghent BE (object)2019

Startpoint, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL (video-installation)2018

Etcetera V, SMAK, Ghent BE (video installation)2017

Startpoint Prize, National Gallery, Prague CZ (video-installation) 2017

Solo Expo Gouvernement, Ghent BE (video-installation) 2017

Artsfestival Plan B, Bekegem BE (video-installation) 2017

Graduation Expo Kask, Ghent BE (video-installation) - won 'Legaten van het KASK'2017

CALL ME, Kaskcinema Ghent BE (screening)2017

Filmfestival Rotterdam NL (video projection)2017

Mayday mayday festival, Ghent BE (screening)2017

Expo Soyons Courageux, Zwarte Zaal, Ghent BE (video-installation) 2017

Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, Antwerp BE (nomination best music-video)2016

Expo Stock, Het Paviljoen, Ghent BE (vr-video)2016

Expo MAP, Ghent BE (video-installation + prints)2016

Mayday mayday festival, Ghent BE (multimedia-installation)2016

OD Magazine, Filip Anthonissen - Rethinking nothingness as a digital shockJuly 2020 FashionUnited, Virtuele catwalk: de 3D-modeshow van marketingbureau NightingaleDecember 2019 ISIT.magazine, a conversation with Filip Anthonissen November 2019 Startpoint Prize 2017October 2017 IFFR, Trust IssuesJanuary 2017 Fader, KING Releases A Symbolic Video For “Native Land”September 2016 Stereogum, KING – “Native Land” VideoSeptember 2016 Vice, Glints is nieuwe frisse shit uit België en daarom primeuren we zijn eerste video ooitOctober 2015