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Filip Anthonissen (°1991) is a visual artist from Belgium, currently living in Ghent.
His prefered techniques are 3D-animation and airbrush painting.
His work revolves around survival, around identity formed by relationships, ego and trauma. Inspired by religion, psychology and own experience.

Filip graduated in Animationfilm at KASK in Ghent in 2017.



Musical Theater Madrigals directed by Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, De Singel, Antwerp BE (video)2022

De Gaverprijs, CC De Schakel, Waregem BE (paintings)2022

Expo Passie en obsessie, STEM, Sint-Niklaas BE (video-installation)2021

Konvooi Arts festival, Bruges BE (video-installation)2021

Buy Local #2, Kunsthal, Ghent BE (painting)2021

Young Colors, lille3000, Institut pour la Photographie, Lille FR (video-projection)2021

Nieuwe Ruimtes, Orange Art House, Brussels BE (videos)2020

Zero Years - media-art @ Zomerfabriek, Antwerp BE (video)2020

Nightingale Prophecy 2X20, Antwerp BE (video-projection)2019

Biennial of Belgium, Ghent BE (vr-video)2019

Arts Festival TIG7, Ghent BE (video-installation)2019

Expo Wanneer is dan? tekenkabinet KASK, Ghent BE (video-installation)2019

Expo Groeten, Convent, Ghent BE (video + object)2019

Expo Vacation Spot, Gouvernement, Ghent BE (videos + objects)2019

Happening Bar Camaraderie, Ghent BE (object)2019

Startpoint, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam NL (video-installation)2018

Etcetera V, SMAK, Ghent BE (video installation)2017

Startpoint Prize, National Gallery, Prague CZ (video-installation) 2017

Solo Expo Gouvernement, Ghent BE (video-installation) 2017

Artsfestival Plan B, Bekegem BE (video-installation) 2017

Graduation Expo Kask, Ghent BE (video-installation) - won 'Legaten van het KASK'2017

CALL ME, Kaskcinema Ghent BE (screening)2017

Filmfestival Rotterdam NL (video projection)2017

Mayday mayday festival, Ghent BE (screening)2017

Expo Soyons Courageux, Zwarte Zaal, Ghent BE (video-installation) 2017

Red Bull Elektropedia Awards, Antwerp BE (nomination best music-video)2016

Expo Stock, Het Paviljoen, Ghent BE (vr-video)2016

Expo MAP, Ghent BE (video-installation + prints)2016

Mayday mayday festival, Ghent BE (multimedia-installation)2016

OD Magazine, Filip Anthonissen - Rethinking nothingness as a digital shockJuly 2020 FashionUnited, Virtuele catwalk: de 3D-modeshow van marketingbureau NightingaleDecember 2019 ISIT.magazine, a conversation with Filip Anthonissen November 2019 Startpoint Prize 2017October 2017 IFFR, Trust IssuesJanuary 2017 Fader, KING Releases A Symbolic Video For “Native Land”September 2016 Stereogum, KING – “Native Land” VideoSeptember 2016 Vice, Glints is nieuwe frisse shit uit België en daarom primeuren we zijn eerste video ooitOctober 2015

Expo Passie & Obsessie - © Sven Dullaert

exhibition view Passion and Obsession

Expo Zero Years - © Fanny Van Gucht

exhibition Zero Years

© Biënnale van België

exhibition view Biënnale van België

Expo Groeten - © Neža Bukovec

exhibition view Groeten

Expo Vacation Spot - © Leontien Allemeersch

exhibition view Vacation Spot

Etcetera V - © vrienden van het SMAK

exhibition view Etcetera V

kunstenfestival plan B - © Tim Theo Deceuninck

exhibition view artfestival plan B

Expo Wanneer is dan? - © Yassin Moustahfid

exhibition view Wanneer is dan?