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2021 - ...
Shortfilm, currently in pre-production
2021    |    8'15"    |    english title: Thrist
Thirst is a research into desire and the suffering it causes. About a love-hate relationship with the physical body and lost innocence.
The video is inspired by Taṇhā, a Buddhist concept which literally translates to thirst. It stands for desire, longing and craving.
Craving of sensual pleasures, craving for existence and craving for non-existence. Taṇhā is seen as the cause of all suffering.
The video shows a series of close-up shots of glossy organic shapes, alternated with vague storylines of bodybuilders and skeletons on a quest for happiness.
Part of a video-installation with the same name.
Weerloos Alarm
2020     |    5'30"    |    english title: Silent Alarm
Silent Alarm shows a scene stripped of its actors. Like a memory where words fade but feeling remains, clouded by a fog of melancholy. The image moves on the rhythm of its breath. Each exhalation pushes it forward, each inhalation pulls it back. Forced to relive itself, waiting for its redemption.
Virtual Duality
2019     |    3'28"     |    VR
Unable to Connect
2019     |    2'29"
Unable to connect is a work about digital connection, or the lack thereof. It's about the superficial and fleeting nature of human interaction through and with the internet. Virtual spaces feel like empty waiting rooms, isolated and lacking life. A cluster of cables becomes a snake-like beast. And just like a snake trying to eat himself, the cables create a short circuit causing chaos to break loose in the virtual space. Everything will be lost and nothing will ever be the same again.
Dreams of paradise
2017     |    4'00"     |    two synced videos in portrait mode
Wanneer is dan?
2017     |    2'30"     |    three synced videos
Swipe Right
2017     |    2'19"   (IN LOOP)
Swipe Right shows an image turning from left to right and back again, showing an empty building and its parking lot. The side-to-side movement mimics both a surveillance camera as well as the ‘swipe’ motion on a smartphone. The video plays with the idea of control and the need to see or experience everything. There’s a feeling of FOMO, every time the camera moves away. But also anticipation for what will happen next, in the constantly changing scenes.
Trust Issues
2017     |    8'24"
Trust issues shows a desolated world, stuck in its own illusion. Build up out of fake walls, fake stones and overly stylized environments, this glossy world tries to imitate the familiar and seduces its viewer with soft colors and fluid movement. But the abandoned decors can’t hide their uneasiness. The scenes feel like empty memories, half-forgotten and mixed together. Creating a surreal dreamscape trying to define itself.
There's no place like home
2017     |    2'35"     |    VR
Comfort food
2016     |    1'00"
2016     |    3'31"    |    music-video for Glints
2015     |    6'24"    |    actors: Ines & Romane Claus