Dorst (nl)
shortfilm & video-installation
Thirst is a research into desire and the suffering it causes. About a love-hate relationship with the physical body and lost innocence.

The work is inspired by Tanhā, a Buddhist concept which literally translates to thirst. It stands for desire, longing and craving. Craving of sensual pleasures, craving for existence and craving for non-existence. Taṇhā is seen as the cause of all suffering.

The video shows a series of close-up shots of glossy organic shapes, alternated with vague storylines of bodybuilders and skeletons on a quest for happiness.
The screen is covered by a frame made out of pink, flesh-like silicon

Next to the video is a wall, out of the same material, with
a peephole close to the bottom. When the viewer bends over and looks into the hole, he sees two digital girls
who are mocking him.